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Event Based Opportunities

Where there is chaos, there is opportunities.  This resource page here compiles the many different links and sites for you to review for opportunities tied to disasters or events such as the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, the Stimulus Recovery, and the Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast.

Oil Spill Opportunities

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a devastating blow to many of the communities along the gulf coast.  However, the oil spill has also created clean-up opportunities for specialized contracts for small to medium sized vendors.

The SBA has set up a centralized web portal called the Disaster Contracting Assistance Center (DCAC) as the central point for businesses to see if their skills or services are needed with the massive cleanup effort.

Disaster Contracting Assistance Center (DCAC) website:

Gulf Oil Spill Report:

Stimulus/Recovery Opportunities

Here are the important links to search for stimulus or recovery information and projects:

Hurricane Disaster Opportunities

Most hurricane opportunities are found through the main Fed Biz Opps website.  Also use the Disaster Contracting Assistance Center to help you.  Here are some reports with regards to the different hurricanes.

Hurricane Katrina Report 

Hurricane Rita Report  

Other Hurricane & Disaster Relief Report 

Haiti Earthquake Info

Most Haiti earthquake opportunities are found through the main Fed Biz Opps website.  Also use the Disaster Contracting Assistance Center to help you.  Here are some reports with regards to the contracts awarded.

Haiti Earthquake Report 

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